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Porsche 914-6 Certificate

How To Order

Ordering your Porsche 914-6 Certificate of Vehicle Information is a two step process. 

Step 1:  Before paying, supply the requested information found in the box on the right side of this page by email.  We will verify that we have, or don't have, data on your 914-6.

The information requests the VIN of your car to assure you receive the proper certificate information.

Email the information to the address listed in the box,

Step 2:  After we confirm that we have information on your 914-6, payment can be made through PayPal (see "Buy Now" box below) or by check.  Payment by PayPal enables your certificate will be mailed to you sooner without the need to wait for your check to clear the bank.

The cost of the certificate is $65.00.

You will receive notification when your certificate is mailed.

Porsche 914-6 Certificate

Your certificate will indicate the VIN and the date that your 914-6 was first sold by a dealership in the United States.  It will also indicate the Home Town of the original owner.

Additional information may list the sequence of the sale compared to all 914-6s of your model year.  For example, your 914-6 was the 43rd of 1,663 1970 Porsche 914-6s sold  in the United States.